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What Are The Competitive Advantages Of HTML5 Game Development

By Red Apple Tech In Science & Technology Posted On September 03,2019 0 Comments

Being a valuable hypertext markup language, HTML5 is preferred by game professionals and developers all over the world for creating interactive and advanced games. To keep pace with the growing demands of games developers have to be highly skilled in using the latest technologies. A good understanding of multimedia, graphics and animation help in making games engaging and dynamic to boost the adrenaline rush. The technology of HTML5 contains APIs for WebAudio, Canvas, WebGL for making games compatible with web browsers. Animation, graphics and sounds are really impressive with HTML5 for making today’s games.

The multiple benefits and advantages of this platform attract game developers in using this to gain a competitive status. As the game development industry grows bigger and bigger, it’s demands also increases. Same is the case with HTML5 games. So if you wish to establish yourself as a reputed HTML5 game development company your main focus should be upon creating dynamic games compatible with multiple platforms.

To incorporate this technique into your game development business, you first need to know its prospects or advantages. These are:

Cross platform compatibility: This is one of the most notable advantages of HTML5.Owing to its cross platform support developers can create games suitable for various aspect ratios, screen resolutions, screen sizes etc. As a result of this, games created using this technology are available on phones, laptops, smart devices with web browsers apart from desktops. In other words, HTML5 games can be viewed in browsers as they can be deployed as local web games. The universal compatibility of this technology enables developers to create games once and then they can deploy it anywhere provided if the operating system permits.

Accessibility: Mobile game development services with respect to HTML5 can be downloaded free as per the convenience of the gamers. This is another notable benefit of this platform. In addition to this, HTML5 games can be played offline flawlessly by using the Cache Manifest technique which enables in storing user information without much hassle. Moreover, the cross browser support also contributes in making games accessible for advanced browsers like Silk, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome etc.

Promotion of apps: A gaming application can only be successful when it is rightly marketed to the appropriate users. With HTML5 you can promote your gaming apps more easily as it is a cross browser technology. As it caters to multiple platforms you can reach a wide segment of audience to market your games at one go. Also with HTML5 games you can avail ample chances of earning high revenue via monetization options like in-game monetization. Based upon the users’ or the advertisers’ feedback ads can be displayed around or within the games. To enable gamers easily access web based games, sharing links can be used for promotion. For this, there are even dedicated sites like html5games.net and html5games.com. This shows that HTML5 market is quite promising for those with lean budget.

Ease of updation and maintenance: Having a single code base, HTML5 games are pretty easy to maintain and update. Here the updates are automatically configured and hence the users do not have to update the software manually. Also the updates once made are applicable to all platforms where players can play the newer versions of their favourite games. As there is no hard and fast rule to submit the apps within different stores, games can be made offline permanently or temporarily. This is also possible as the games are not installed in the devices of the users.

Technology stacks: Web Graphics Library and Canvas are the two vital technologies used for creating HTML5 games. Using these technologies advanced games which can run smoothly in the browsers can be developed for gamers across the globe. On one hand, Canvas helps in converting and drawing any figures or shapes into 3D images that can be directly used as graphics. It really enhances the visual impression of the HTML5 games. On the other hand, using WebGL integration reduces the dependency on plugins for delivering desired contents.

Keeping in mind the benefits mentioned above you can hire HTML5 game developers to meet the nature and scope of your game development projects.

Conclusion: With varied prospects, HTML5 really offers new possibilities to make games more enticing and immersive. To engage players in playing their desired games, HTML5 technique allows in automatic updation of the latest versions of the games. This truly attracts and retains HTML5 gaming enthusiasts. A popular HTML5 game development company knows the full potential of this platform and hence can offer relevant services to make it more preferable.

Author Bio: Mr. Arup Roy is the CEO of Red Apple Technologies, a pioneer in dealing with diverse mobile game development services. With a creative bent of mind he knows to enhance the look and feel of the games using this tool aptly.

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