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What Are The Popular Trends Of Mobile Game Development In 2019

By Red Apple Tech In Science & Technology Posted On August 02,2019 0 Comments

Started in 1950’s mobile gaming now has become one of the lucrative entertainment business across the globe. The exponential growth in mobile technologies in recent times has made gaming advanced and interactive for the players of all ages. Use of latest technologies has made mobile games engaging for both serious and casual gamers. This has resulted in increasing the number of mobile gamers throughout the world. Immersive technologies used in creating mobile games have attracted and retained gaming enthusiasts to experience the adrenaline rush of their preferred games.

There are plenty of mobile game development services that you can choose to make your games distinguished from others in this competitive business. In 2018, the Global Games Market Report suggested that the revenue from mobile games is expected to reach an amount of 70.3 billion dollars. This is more than 50% of the total gaming revenue that is generated from mobile division. As on 2018 Console gaming ranks second with a revenue of 34.6 billion dollars followed by PC games 32.9 billion dollars.

The above mentioned facts and figures clearly denote the massive popularity of mobile games and these are enough proof of its never ending adulation.

Some of the trending features of mobile game development are mentioned below:

Game development services are considered to be an integral part in this regard as they contribute in making games entertaining and engaging to meet the desired expectations of the players.

Mobile games having console quality: Experiencing console quality games has been the dream of every gamer since long. Now this dream has come true to a great extent owing to the massive uplift of the latest technologies in this domain. Some of the globally acclaimed games like Fortnite and PUBG have enabled gamers to experience this type of quality across diverse platforms. This has been a significant shift in the industry of mobile game development and players are now used to enjoying longer gaming sessions. Contrary to the past, smartphones are now highly advanced and hence console quality graphics has become a reality.

AR and VR getting into mainstream: Although Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are still in the phase of development, still they have contributed a lot in making games engaging and interactive. The immersive environment creating using AR and VR platforms have made mobile gaming thrilling and exciting than before. Use of ARCore and ARKit have encouraged game developers to expand the horizon of AR experience for mobiles. Between these two VR is considered to be a bit more popular as it allows gamers to carry our different types of activities such as interacting with pets in the real world or raising them virtually.

Challenging game discovery: As the game development has become fiercely competitive, it is very important to make your games noticeable. Acquisition strategies are given importance so that the end users can avail the desired experience and remain engaged in repeated gaming sessions.

Author Bio: Mr. Arup Roy is the CEO of Red Apple Technologies, a reputed enterprise offering exclusive mobile game development services across the globe. Being the founder of the company he takes an active part in monitoring the quality of the services so that the customers remain satisfied and loyal.

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