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Which is the Best Time Tracking App for Android?

By Hiren Dharsandiya In Science & Technology Posted On September 11,2019 0 Comments

When kids are engrossed in online activities, they forget to watch the time and spend hours and hours on multiple applications and are vulnerable to online threats. Thus, to combat this issue, the time schedule app is the need of the hour.

Time tracking is one of the most critical factors to look upon as kids are tech-savvy, and they love being the binge-watcher or a player on the internet.

Before checking the most trustworthy kid safety app, let us take a glance at the need for such software.

Why Is There A Need Of Time Tracking Application?

Time is the most important factor for everyone's life; hence, children should learn the essentials of time management by;

  • Curtailing excessive screen time of kids.
  • Protecting children from unwanted illnesses such as dry eyes, myopia, blindness, etc. and long term risk of tumor and cancer.
  • Letting children focus on each of their important activities in a time-bound and disciplined manner.

Bit Guardian Parental Control - One Of The Best Time Tracking Apps For Android

It is an application that provides dual benefits to kids and parents. Children can be rescued from online threats, and parents can control and monitor their child's digital activities.

Parents can add any number of children and scrutinize each child's online activities simultaneously. This software host varied features that enable parents to keep tabs on child's internet access.

Bit Guardian's Finest Features:

  • Time Schedule: It tracks a kid's time on multiple applications and allows one to control their app usage.
Parents can set curfew hours of each application and also define the bedtime on the child's device. Once the sleeping hours are fixed, Bit Guardian will automatically shut the running application on the child's phone.  If children ask additional time for using a particular app, they need to send you a request.
  • App Time: It puts an end to extra hours spent on inappropriate and unnecessary applications by restricting time on different app categories forming a group.
Create a group of similar apps like social media applications, add it to the category and define the time boundaries for the whole group.
  • App Blocker: With a single click, you can block the harmful applications that carry adult content and violent videos.
  • GPS: Track your kid's location when they step out of the house. You can set the Geofence boundaries to ensure kids have reached a safe zone.
Additionally, you can keep an eye on a teen's driving etiquette's. If they increase their vehicle speed from the set limit, parents will receive an instant notification. You can teach road etiquette and rules to avoid any mishaps with your child.
  • Call Blockers: You can block the suspected and known callers on a kid's phone who unnecessarily bothers your child.
  • Panic and SOS Alert: It sends the notification to parents when child faces any emergency.
Moreover, this tool has an additional facility to add another responsible person as a guardian to take care of the children in your absence.

This application also has a 'Pick Me Alert' tool in a child's device to notify parents about kids' pick up point.

  • Kiosk Mode: This is an exclusive tool of Bit Guardian Parental Control which provides indirect control of child's phone to parents.
You can choose the number of apps for your child's access, and they can only use those selected applications on their smartphones.
Kiosk Mode will create a new launcher on the kid's device home screen showing the specific apps.
  • App Install Blocker: When you activate this tool, your kid's desire to download any new application will become null and void.
  • Anti-Theft: This is another tool that serves best in finding the lost phone.
You can recover a child's stolen phone with Anti-Theft by making a ring or finding the location on the map. Factory Reset is used to wipe all the data of the missing phone to protect the private information from thieves.

Now that you are aware of the best time tracking app for Android, then what are you waiting for? Be a smart parent, and lend your choice to Bit Guardian Parental Control.

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