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Why Sales Force Automation App is the Next Big Thing?

By Antara Chatterjee In Science & Technology Posted On September 30,2019 0 Comments

Sales Force Automation (SFA) is one simple thing which can take an entire sales process to the next level. SFA is closely related to Customer Relationship Management (CRM). 

There is no denying the fact that sales is the primary source of revenue for an organization. This is why a lot of effort and time is invested in streamlining the sales process. A sales force automation app is tailor-made for businesses dealing with a multitude of products and a variety of customers spread across diverse locations.   

What is SFA? 

In the modern era of technological advancement, various business processes are bolstered by the introduction of technology. And the sales process is not an exception. All thanks to Sales Force Automation. 

In simpler words, Sales Force Automation is an automated procedure which controls and streamlines the entire sales process by eradicating various hassles such as time, confusion, and inefficiency. It has a boatload of utilities associated with it ranging from order management to performance monitoring which helps everyone related to the sales process and the administration.  

It is a fine example of how artificial intelligence and innovation are blended to make work easier and more efficient. 

How SFA can Help a Business? 

SFA is an incredible tool which brings the entire sales process under one device. This is a big reason why businesses irrespective of shape, size, or area of operation are heavily dependent on this smart tool. 

Here is what SFA brings to the table:


  • Customer Management – When talking about SFA, people go gaga over things like order management but one of the most crucial aspects of SFA is often kept away from the limelight and that is customer management. There is no denying the fact that customers are the most important asset of any business and ensuring customer satisfaction is often the main objective. However, the complex and vast sales process often makes it very difficult for the salesperson to spend more time with the customer. With SFA, everything is on the same platform which frees up the sales team and helps in customer management. 


  • Order Management – This is the biggest contributor to the popularity of this tool. It simplifies the process by everything on one platform such as delivery routes, delivery time, real-time status, inventory, and more. It makes the sales process devoid of any sort of complexities.   


  • Performance Monitoring – Gone are the days of lengthy worksheets, frequent emails, and a lot of phone calls – everything is now available at a device screen. This is what SFA does. It provides real-time data in terms of graphical representation which makes it incredibly easy for management to monitor employee performance which also plays a big part in enhancing the overall productivity of the sales team.  



The further introduction of AI and LR are bound to take the world of automation to the next level. The sales force automation app is already a glimpse of the future. It is something which every business should have.  

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