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Secrets to Play a Better Golf Game

By Preetika Mishra In Sports & Recreation Posted On April 27,2017 0 Comments

Over a period of time, the game of golf has seen a significant surge in popularity. As compared to various other physical and contact sports, golf is rising steadily. The popularity of this sport has soared in two distinct age demographics-ages 17 and younger and the influx of retirees. The best thing about this sport is that it can be played or practiced, year round. There are several benefits of playing golf, such as:

Less stress: Golf helps to lower the stress level. While playing golf, the body releases endorphins, which is the body’s natural mood enhancing chemicals. Therefore, after playing golf, players usually left with relaxed mood.

Strong mind: Playing golf regularly helps to develop strong brain activity.

Healthy heart: Golf is a great way to get in lots of cardio exercise as a lot of walking is involved in a golf game.

Healthy bones: Playing golf in the sun helps the body to get enough vitamin D that helps promoting strong bone health.

Better sleep: Playing golf requires a lot of energy, which allows players to get a better night sleep.
When playing the golf game, etiquettes are utmost vital on the green so as to ensure that everyone enjoys their game. Here are certain important things to keep in mind when playing golf:

1.Always be ready to play golf when it’s your turn.

2.Always play attention to the group behind you. It’s common courtesy to allow the group behind waiting to play through.

3.Award the honor of hitting first on a given tee to the player who scored best on the previous hole.

4.The player with the second best score is the next.

5.Be aware of other golfers’ positions.

6.Don’t take too much of time preparing to hit.

7.Don’t step in another player’s putting line. Also, avoid standing too close to a player who is hitting or putting.

8.Don’t park golf carts near greens, trees or bunkers

9.Don’t scream obscenities, throw clubs or pitch tantrums over poor results.

If you are searching for the best Plantation golf club, make certain to choose the one that provides an optimum level of services to their members and guests. Apart from visual appeal, the golf course should be challenging and fun to play.

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