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5 Best Offbeat Getaway Destinations from Kolkata

By Antara Chatterjee In Travel & Tourism Posted On September 09,2019 0 Comments

What fun are weekends if you spend them sitting on your couch all day? Get out of your house, and break away from the shackles of work and responsibilities.

Here are the top offbeat weekend getaways from Kolkata.


Lying near the Sunderbans area, Bakkhali is a secluded beach town outside Kolkata. Perfect for spending a quiet summer evening, Bakkhali offers some mind-blowing sunset views. The beach is completely cut off from any signs of urban life. Listen to calming sound of sea waves crashing with the land, as you witness the sun go down. The crescent-shaped Bakkhali Beach is located in an offbeat location, making it less crowded. This, in turn, means a clean and pristine sea beach.


A quaint, scenic village in the Purulia district, Baranti is among the well-known offbeat weekend getaways from Kolkata. This small village is located between the Panchkot Hill on one side and the Biharinath Hill on the other. Muradi Lake is adjacent to the town. Baranti falls under the Ramchandrapur Irrigation Project; and the water reservoir can be clearly seen from here. Get away from the hectic life of city, and enjoy the serene views of nature and lush greenery of surroundings. The tranquil lake by the village also adds to the calm and peaceful vibe.


The small hamlet of Tabakoshi, a 1.5 hours drive away from Darjeeling, is the fairy-tale representation of a picturesque hill station with floating clouds. Breathe in the clean mountain air and witness some serene views amidst lush green hills, vast expanses of tea plantations, and a flowing river passing by the village. Tabakoshi is located very near to the Gopaldhara Tea Estate. Away from the city life, this offbeat getaway is perfect for an escape. Enjoy the solitude of nature and find peace in these breathtaking surroundings. Take a lazy stroll through the tea gardens, sit by the Rangbhang River, and just watch the snow-clad mountains in the horizon. Tabakoshi is one of the top offbeat weekend getaways from Kolkata.


Dooars Valley is the name given to the floodplains of North Bengal and Eastern Assam, formed by the Teesta and Sankoshi Rivers. Lying in the Himalayan foothills, the region is home to dense forests and a variety of wildlife. It serves as a gateway to the North-East and Bhutan. Dooars comprises of lush green tea plantations, innumerable mountain streams, high Sal forests, vast meadows, and the Himalayas in the horizon. There are also some well-known protected forests here including the Gorumara National Park, Jaldapara Wild Life Sanctuary, and Buxa Tiger Reserve.


Overlooking the Teesta River valley, Kalimpong is located on the foothills of Eastern Himalayas. The hill station is known for delightful panoramic views. Historically, the town was a part of the Bhutanese Empire before it came under the British rule. Till today, there are many ancient Buddhist monasteries and centuries old churches found here. Kalimpong is known for its mist-covered hills and scenic views. These hills are also home to a rich variety of orchids, growing in full bloom during the spring season. Tourists come here to find tranquillity in nature.

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