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Do’s and Don’ts while Planning a Weekend Getaway

By Breathing Earth In Travel & Tourism Posted On June 14,2020 0 Comments

After more than 3 months of lockdown, the country is now beginning to open up establishments again. Public and private offices, restaurants and malls, hotels and resorts have resumed their services under Unlock 1.0 plan. The restrictions previously put in place have been relaxed a bit. While the threat of pandemic is still there, life is slowly trickling back to normalcy. 

In this new normal world, the numerous weekend resorts near Kolkata are expected to see a good business. After being cooped up within the four walls of their homes for 3 months, people are desperate to step out and breathe in some fresh air. The sprawling resorts outside the city seem like a viable option for this. With long-distance travelling out of the equation in near future, people have to fulfil their wanderlust with a short getaway trip to a nearby resort. 

The weekend resorts near Kolkata are located outside the city limits, thus, ensuring no rush of people. Enclosed by natural green surroundings, these resorts promise a quiet and serene ambience. After spending all your time indoors, the soft grass beneath your feet and warm sunlight hitting your face is a welcome feeling. 

In this post-COVID world, most hotels and resorts have chosen to not operate at full capacity. This assures lesser number of guests, making it easier to maintain social distancing. Reception area and check-in counters must be marked on the floor with signs for people to stand. A distance of 2 meters (6 feet) shall be kept at all times when standing in a queue. Hand sanitizers must be available in all rooms and at every point in the resort. 

Some mandatory policies to be followed by all weekend resorts near Kolkata are given below. 

Do’s and Don’ts for the staff
1. Hotel staff should follow restricted movement (only in cases of work) around rooms.
2. Hotel staff are advised to maintain minimum 2 meters (6 feet) distance with the guests and other staff members at all times.
3. Hotel staff should sanitize/wash their hands regularly.
4. Hotel staff should adhere to zero touch policy.
5. All hotel staff should wear masks all the time.

Do’s and Don’ts for the guests
1. Do not step out of the room unnecessarily. Wear a mask whenever outside the room.
2. Clothes should not be washed inside the room.
3. In case a balcony is shared with another room, please be on the side of your room. Do not interact with the other rooms guests.
4. No visitors should be allowed in the rooms. 
5. Doors should be kept closed and any contact with the door knobs should be avoided by staff. 
6. Kitchen and washing area entry must be prohibited for guests. 
7. Always keep a safe distance of at least 2 meters (6 feet) while you are at the property. 
8. Wash your hands frequently with the soaps/sanitizers provided. 
9. Put all disposable plates/cups/bottles after use in the garbage bag.
While planning your weekend trip, remember to keep these things in mind. 

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