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How to Book a Taxicab Online to Travel to West Haddon and Anywhere

By Shubham Bhattacharje In Travel & Tourism Posted On September 11,2018 0 Comments

The two terms taxi and cab are used interchangeably. But did you know about their origins?!

The term cab can be traced back to the word cabriolet, which was essentially a carriage with two wheels, invented by a scientist from France.

The word taxi came from taximeter, which was a mechanical device for calculating ride fairs based on waiting time and distance travelled.

Latest innovations in science and technology have revolutionized the way people used to book taxis, or cabs, whatever you may wish to say. However, it is pretty much common for quite a few people to be overwhelmed while using the online cab booking form. Today’s blog will try to demystify the entire process.

  • Filling online forms

The very first step to booking a taxi online for travelling to West Haddon or any other place in the UK is to create a customer account on the official website of a particular taxi company that you want to hire. Then you can fill up an online taxi booking form and provide various data like total number of passengers, destinations, pick up time and date, etc. Once you are done with submitting the completed form online, the system will redirect you to the payment page, where you will be able to use your credit/debit card or PayPal.

  • Payment

You can directly initiate the payment from such online cab booking providers at West Haddon or any other parts in the UK these days. TFL or Transport for London has also decided that all cab drivers must accept card payments or any other forms of contactless payments. Do remember that it is illegal for a taxi driver to demand more than the previously quoted sum of money, provided you did not add extra luggage or passengers that you did not mention during the online booking process.

  • Confirmation

As soon as your payment is processed successfully, the cab company will mail you a confirmation message, telling you that your booking is done and your taxi is on its way. You will be offered a range of vehicles to select at the time of booking to ensure a comfortable, personalized ride.

Your job is pretty much done now. But if you are wondering how the driver is going to know where and when to arrive for picking you up, then keep reading.

It is actually not that hard. Your driver and that particular cab will be consistently monitored by the central office and updates are sent and received in real-time by both the parties.

A vast majority of companies have installed GPS in their cabs, or take the help of a smartphone for location access. The location information is utilized by the taxi company’s server to send the booking details to the driver who is nearest to you at that time.

Expect your chauffeur to use the car’s navigation software liberally, as it is not possible for anyone to possibly know all the streets.

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