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Travelling by bus from Hyderabad to Kadapa

By Rekha Sahay In Travel & Tourism Posted On January 29,2019 0 Comments

Hyderabad houses a myriad of attractions that beckons vacationers from all over the globe. The wealthy heritage and just right connectivity with different locations makes it a recommendable place of travel in India. On the other, hand Kadapa also called as Cuddapah that is an antique city with architectural marvel from the yore. Hyderabad to Kadapa can be easily travelled by taking a bus. I took online bus tickets from redbus, this reduced hassles largely. The smooth functioning of busways helped me to quickly arrive in Kadapa. I had plans to experience this popular tourist destination in South India. Kadapa is encircled on the three sides by means of the Nallamala and Palakonda hills. Recognized as the gateway from the west to the holy hill of Tirumala, Kadapa is also known as ‘Gateway ‘city to Tirumala.

Kadapa which happens to be one of the most visited cities in Andhra Pradesh sees one on the highest number of tourists visiting the place throughout the year thanks to growing tourism activities here!! Located on the banks of the river Penna, it offers some of the most breath-taking views of the Palkonda hills and the Nallama hills that are surrounded by it. The city is known to have one of the richest cultural and historical associations making it one of the must visit destinations of the country. Kadapa in its great historical past has been home to some of the greatest dynasties and their heritage empires. This is what makes Kadapa a must visit place for history lovers. Since it has been home to several dynasties in the past you will notice influences of various cultures blending together quite well here!! When you are in Kadapa make sure to visit the Belum caves which is one of the longest caves in the Indian subcontinent. The existence of this cave was first discovered by a British surveyor in the year 1884. Today it has become one of the most prominent tourist attractions of Andhra Pradesh.


On the other hand, Hyderabad, with the rich heritage and smooth connectivity by road with one-of-a-kind places makes it a recommendable position of visit in India. Sights like Dhamma Chakra Stupa, Ambazari Lake, Ramtek fort Temple, etc. I took the Ac Semi sleeper from Beeramguda at 5pm and reached Kadapa at 2:30am. The bus journey went on for almost 7 hours where the seating arrangement was comfortable. The bus staff took good care of its passengers and gave rest stops too.

I opted for an Ac Semi sleeper bus that passed through wonderful sceneries and landscapes, soon it grew to become dark outside and I got involved in listening songs. Mostly, I used to be reading a novel; they played a film in the television that was once established inside the bus. The bus gave relaxation stop at around 11pm; most of the passengers got down of the bus to refresh up. Journeying by the way of bus is whatever I have endlessly adored, the idea being it helps to gatherlovely memories!

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